Affiliate Agreement

Speakers Are Leaders Ltd.,  Brand For Speakers Ltd., Room To Rent in London Ltd, Top Coach International Ltd. may give you the opportunity to become an independent affiliate for them. If approved, you may:

  • Earn additional money from products, services, memberships that you sell for them.

Affiliate agrees:

TERMS: By clicking ‘I accept the terms and conditions’ – YOU accept the terms of this agreement, you agree you have read and understood this agreement and you agree that you are bound by its terms.

    1. INFORMATION:To provide accurate and truthful information in your application form
    2. CONSENT TO BE CONTACTED: To be contacted at the email/phone number provided regarding this agreement through SMS, whatsapp, email.
  • COMPENSATION:  you will receive 30% commission for every NET sale you make for Speakers Are Leaders products, services, memberships – except speaking gigs, and 20% commission  for every NET sale you make for Brand For Speakers products/services/memberships- except speaking gigs, and 20% commission for every NET sale you make for Top Coach International products, services,memberships – except speaking gigs. Net sale = amount client paid minus sales tax such as paypal fee/ stripe fee or credit card fee – typically the sales tax is approx 4.5%. VAT client paid is excluded from this calculation. Example – client paid 100 £ + 20£ VAT = £120 total. £20 VAT is retained as sales tax. Then 4.5% is paypal fee. Therefore we will receive £120 – £20 VAT – £4.5 paypal fee = £95.5. Your commission will be calculated based on this amount after sales tax and VAT was deducted. 
  • You will receive £150 pounds one – off referral commission for the introduction of one client which rents a room or property from Room To Rent in London Ltd. If two clients rent the same room or property, only one fee will be paid, not two. The commission is paid per property/per room, not per client.
  • These sales must be from your personal introduction to new clients not already in the network of Speakers Are Leaders Ltd,  Brand For Speakers Ltd, Top Coach International ltd., Room To Rent In London ltd  and for every sale registered with your affiliate link. 
  • If you sell 15 memberships at £297/month or above for Speakers are Leaders, you will also receive a 5 day retreat abroad with Harry Sardinas and Speakers Are Leaders clients worth £5000. The 15 members must stay in the program for at least six months. The retreat does not include flight and transportation there. It includes accommodation and breakfast in a hotel selected by Speakers Are Leaders. Dates for the retreat may change and no compensation will be given for that. The retreat may include fun, networking and learning activities. No cash can be offered instead of this retreat.
  • If you sell one membership to client A, and client A refers client B, then you will also be given an extra 10% commission on the membership of client B – only for Speakers are Leaders products, services, memberships – except speaking gigs.
    1. No compensation will be offered if your client purchases speaking gigs or a branding package featuring speaking gigs from Speakers Are Leaders or Brand For Speakers. 
    2. You are not allowed to open an account into a fictitious name, just so you can be paid commissions for referring your own membership. 
    3. You will be paid commissions only for sales made by you that were actually received by Speakers Are Leaders and Brand For Speakers – not for refunds or chargebacks. 
    4. If commissions were already paid to you for products that were refunded/had a chargeback to the client, those commissions will need to be refunded by you to us. 
    5. LAW: You are solely responsible for complying with law, filing tax returns, and paying all taxes associated with promoting any products for Speakers Are Leaders and Brand For Speakers. 
    6. If any term is violated or you act fraudulently, Speakers Are Leaders and Brand For Speakers will terminate this agreement immediately and your access to the Speakers Are Leaders and Brand For Speakers membership websites, products and information may be suspended. You will be solely responsible for acting fraudulently in the face of the law.
  • ADVERTISING RULES:  You must respect the laws/regulations with regards to advertising accurately, laws regarding testimonials,  the email marketing laws, data protection laws,  and you are not permitted to offer deceptive or misleading advertising/marketing. You are solely responsible for respecting the law in all aspects.

YOU ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED from making inaccurate claims that are beyond what is being advertised in the Speakers Are Leaders and Brand For Speakers websites. 

    1. This agreement supersedes any other oral/written agreement previously made.
  • DISCLOSURE: When you advertise our products/services on your website you must display in plain sight not in very small font a disclaimer such as: I am an affiliate of Speakers Are Leaders and Brand For Speakers. I am not an employee, and I may get paid referral commissions. The opinions expressed here are mine and don’t represent the opinions of Speakers Are Leaders and Brand For Speakers.
  • You are not allowed to contact or hire our staff/team members for your own company or to request that they do work for you – paid, free or as an exchange.
  • You Are Not Allowed To Promote Any Product Or Service To Our Brand For Speakers Network or Speakers Are Leaders Network or Top Coach International network or Unless that it is approved by Harry Sardinas or Lily Patrascu in writing.
  • You are not allowed to contact any of the event promoters, business associates, business partners, members or previous members of the Speakers Are Leaders Club or Brand For Speakers to do any collaboration, speaking opportunities, business transaction or any invitation to any event without the approval of Harry Sardinas or Lily Patrascu.
  • You are not allowed to have personal relationships and socialize with our employees.
  1. Breach of the agreement above may result in an immediate ban from Brand For Speakers and Speakers are leaders organization and a penalty between £10 000 to £20 000 will be applied.
  2. NON – DISPARAGEMENT – YOU are not allowed to write, comment or speak negatively anywhere about us (Lily Patrascu and Harry Sardinas), any of the products, services, people, team or anything pertaining to any of our brands, including but not limited to Speakers Are Leaders,  Brand For Speakers, Top Coach International, Room To Rent In London or about our competitors.
  3. Earnings disclaimer
  1. You will not be given guaranteed income. We will not give you any leads, phone numbers, emails, speaking gigs, coaching opportunities.  We do not provide any sort of guarantee you will make money. We don’t know you and your results are up to you. Whatever we may have earned is not a guarantee you will earn anything. Results differ based on effort, marketing, advertising, the quality of your speaking, your personal branding, and many other factors.
  • When advertising on youtube, facebook, instagram, you agree that:

Each social media post will include this: @speakersareleaders or #speakersareleaders

  •  Each post will add the word #ad 
  • mention it is a paid partnership post

Speakers Are Leaders Ltd and Brand For Speakers Ltd :

  1. Determine the amount of commissions affiliate receives
  2. May change the commissions percentage without notice – affiliate will be informed via email of any changes
  3. Determine WHETHER affiliate is accepted in the affiliate program
  4. Will provide a unique affiliate link to the affiliate IF accepted in program
  5. Will pay the commissions due every 1st of the month and every 15th of the month, 60 days after the sale is made – IF the sale has not been refunded to the client.
  6. Will pay commissions based on MONEY RECEIVED = amount paid by client minus sales taxes/paypal/transaction fees. 
  7. Will pay commissions in pounds; payment processors such as paypal may charge fees and therefore you may receive the affiliate commissions minus transaction fees for sending the commissions. 
  8. Will charge VAT to the client where required and will withhold this money for paying taxes where required by law.